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1979 — Founded in Taichung City,Taiwan. Producing small size stamping parts.
1978 — Started to produce medium-sized sheet metal stamping parts for Renault and Peugeot.
1987 — Introduced MIS management system to control business with computer facilities.
1994 — Worked with Automotive Research and Testing Center (ARTC) and to improve the noise and air pollution problems. Started to design and manufacture the exhaust muffler and sliencer.
1999 — Acquired ISO9002 International Quality Certification.
2000 — Worked with university to study a project named “High Stiffness & Light Weight Frames” and started to produce frame.
2002 — Moved our factory to the Changpin Industrial District.
2003 — Acquired ISO9001-2000 International Quality Certification.
2006 — Introduced TPS (Toyota Production system), Smart ERP and PDM (products database management) for company internal management.
2010 — Started to provide PPAP. (Production Parts Approval Process)
2014 — Provide aluminum welding parts by Robotized welding machine
2017 — Acquired ISO9001-2015 International Quality Certification
2019 — Provide electric bikes OEM/ODM assembly service

About Us

Established in 1968, HSU-I Metal Industry Co., Ltd. began the business with producing small-sized press parts. After moved the factory to Lungching district of Taichung City, HSU-I increased the business to produce the medium-size sheet metal stamping parts for some assembly factory of worldwide automotive brands. Our excellent quality and precise delivery are highly affirmed by all of our customers.

After accumulating several years working experience, HSU-I R&D team worked with ARTC, specialists and scholars in the academics fields to solve noise and air pollution problems of exhaut muffler, and began to produce exhaust muffler for scooter assembly factory in Taiwan. In 2000, HSU-I R&D team worked with academic institute again to study a special project named " High stiffness and Light Weight of Frames " and started to manufacture frame.

From producing the sheet metal stamping parts to design and manufacture high quality motor parts, HSU-I is continuing to improve design ability and expand product line. Now our products includes exhaust muffler, scooter / ATV frame, suspension arms, steering system and all kind of metal parts.


- Robotic Welding Line for Steel and Aluminum

- CNC Tube Bending Machine

- Stamping Parts C Type Press

- Laser Cutting Tube

- Electric Bicycle and Motorcycle ODM / OEM Manufacturing

- Electric Bicycle / Motorcycle Assembly Line