What Happens When Starhub Broadband Contract Expires

My 500 Mbps cable broadband contract expires on January 7, 2021. Did you want to know that if I do not log back in, I will continue to pay the same fees as in the contract or will the fees be increased? The email will also tell you when you can expect to receive your final invoice, how to view or pay outstanding amounts, and refunds of the available balance. In the meantime, there is also an early cancellation fee if you decide to cancel your account while you are still under contract. Hello @user_9202f4, welcome to the GreenR community. If you move your current broadband service, you can choose to contract your service again, eliminating the relocation fee. If you insist on cancelling, please visit one of our main StarHub outlets in Plaza Singapura, NEX, Jurong Point and Tampines Mall and bring all the devices listed below: My Starhub broadband contract ends on July 15, 2021. If you have fulfilled the entire term of your contract, a connection fee of $32.10 will be charged for each fiber broadband plan. You will also be notified of any other applicable fees (e.g. B missing equipment, outstanding balance) if you request the cancellation and re-enter it in your final StarHub invoice. Hello @benahben, the stop fee is indeed required according to our terms and conditions at (bit.ly/2qGlMh3).

Please refer to the “Table of General Rates”. In addition, it will also be published on this subject (www.starhub.com/personal/home-broadband/other-charges.html) to help customers know our fiber optic broadband charges. 2. If the contract is terminated on July 14, is it an early termination? I`m moving flat now and to move to broadband, it costs $160, I`d rather cancel my subscription and go with a cheaper provider instead. My 2-year broadband fiber contract ends 3 months ago and I didn`t cancel it. Now I`m abroad and no one is using the network. How can I stop it and stop receiving invoices? To end your broadband service, please visit one of our main StarHub outlets in Plaza Singapura, NEX, Jurong Point and Tampines Mall and bring all the devices listed below: Thank you for the update. Currently, I pay $29.90 for the 500 Mpbs plan. After the duration of the contract (7. January 2020) I should still pay the same $29.90, right? Hello @jiexi, we are sorry to hear about your cancellation request.

To end your broadband service, please bring the following items to StarHub`s main outlets in Plaza Singapura, NEX, Jurong Point and Tampines Mall. There is no early cancellation fee if your plan is a no-contract plan or if you have completed the term of your contract. Hello, If I continue with the current contract without a follow-up contract for 1 year or 2 years, I can cancel the current contract at any time without penalty fees, right? Why do we have to pay the shutdown fee when we have already fulfilled our contractual obligations? This was not mentioned anywhere in the contract we signed 2 years ago. Singtel`s fiber optic broadband doesn`t have those ridiculous separation fees at the end of the contract. Can you justify that? This requires a mention in the Straits Times forum, all customers should be aware of this. Thank you. Once your contract has expired, you can cancel it at any time without incurring an early cancellation fee. Please note that you will need to return your equipment, otherwise there will be a loss fee.

What is the reason for the separation fee? NetLink Trust says they do not charge these fees. You mentioned that the fees are charged by Starhub itself. This Facebook user was able to waive the fees. Double standards?www.facebook.com/StarHub/posts/just-terminated-my-broadband-services-because-1-it-sucked-2-it-has-expired-but-m/10155848411182472/1. What measures are necessary to terminate the contract after the end of the contract. Hello @adveditor, please contact my colleagues on Facebook or Twitter to end your fiber optic broadband. Note that you will need to go to a StarHub main store to return your OT. You will also have to pay the $32.10 fibre disconnection fee. My contract 2 for fiber optic broadband expired, but I still received an invoice this month. How can I finish it during CB? Hi @user_fa4af9, your fiber broadband plan will continue to charge you even after your contract expires unless you cancel it.

This is because you are no longer bound by a contract after the contract expires, so you have the option to re-enter into a contract or stick to your current plan. Hello @Raman, your contract will continue unless you cancel it. However, if your contract is executed as part of a promotion where you received a discount on your monthly subscription, the plan will return to the price of the original package. Or if you have free value-added services, you must cancel them beforehand, otherwise you will be charged a fee. Therefore, we recommend that you refer to your service contract to verify the inclusions in your plan. Can I ask how I can cancel my account and why there is a cancellation fee if my contract has already expired? 2. We recommend that you cancel your service the day after your contract expires. It also informs you of what to expect with this termination. For example, for mobile services – early cancellation fee (if any), you may need to cancel third-party services such as Netflix, Amazon Prime, etc. for broadband/TV services – How to return your equipment and charge for lost devices, associated connection fees, etc. My contract ended some time ago and I just kept paying the monthly (1GBP high-speed fiber optic).

Hello, my current Fiber contract ends on May 26, 2020. Please specify the procedure to interrupt the service if I do not wish to continue the service without additional fees and penalties. in particular, is notification required? Once the refund request is successfully submitted, you will see a message on MSA to inform you of the processing time. You can also track the status of your refund at any time via my StarHub app`s account activity. Requests for termination of StarHub broadband/TV services and return of StarHub equipment, depending on the type of services to be terminated, must be made at one of the 4 main StarHub stores (Plaza Singapura, Jurong Point, Nex or Tampines). Your service will be terminated as soon as your request is processed in one of these StarHub stores and you will no longer be able to use the service. For account-related questions, including cancellation requests, please contact our customer service team via Facebook Messenger or Whatsapp. 1. To end your service, please visit one of our main StarHub outlets in Plaza Singapura, NEX, Jurong Point and Tampines Mall and bring all the equipment with you: optical network terminal, fiber optic connection cord, UTP cable and power supply. The service will be terminated accordingly as soon as the device has been returned. Note that there is a connection fee of $32.10. If you want to transfer a balance remaining to your cancelled account instead of waiting for an automatic refund check from StarHub, see the instructions below for more information.

Please also indicate whether there are any charges for stopping fibre optics. Thank you. . You can check this from the My StarHub app under “Account Activity”. . It takes up to 11 business days to review, approve, and authorize StarHub Bank to process the refund granted to you. . You will receive your final invoice within 2 billing cycles and include: It will take up to 11 business days for the check to be processed and the check to be sent to you from the date we received your completed refund request. – Optical network connection – Fiber optic connection cable – UTP cable – Power supply..

Your account balance after termination of your services will be used to settle any outstanding payments under your NRIC. If there is a credit left, it will be automatically refunded to you by check within 11 working days of sending the final invoice. Please note that upon termination, you will receive your final invoice within two (2) billing cycles, including any outstanding fees or credits, if any. Hello @user_a16041, welcome to the GreenR community! Here are the answers to your questions: Please note that you can also use your iD Hub within 6 months of the cancellation date to view the final invoice or make any unpaid payments. To do this, just follow these steps: If you still have StarHub Mobile/JumpPhones rental hardware, please visit one of the 4 StarHub stores (Plaza Singapura, Jurong Point, Nex or Tampines Mall) to return the equipment. Please note that a fee is charged for lost equipment. . The service will be terminated accordingly as soon as the device has been returned. Note that there is a connection fee of $32.10.

Since you mentioned that you are abroad, you can ask someone to return the above items and provide a letter of authorization and a copy of your NRIC/VIN. You can refer to the following images for your particular service(s). Hello @benahben, unfortunately, we can`t help you with this, as this concern is account-related. Please contact our customer service team on Facebook or Twitter to further assist you with your request. This notification confirms that your service(s) has been terminated as requested by you. Your Hub Club membership may be affected if you cancel your StarHub service. If the Club Hub member cancels their StarHub TV and/or Home Broadband services or mobile connections, they will be automatically unsubscribed from the Club Hub. If the Club Hub member cancels one of their mobile lines but has other designated mobile lines with the same NRIC/FIN and service address as the fiber services, they will not be disconnected from the Club Hub; It will continue to be eligible for the rebate for this cellular line and its other designated home mobile radio lines. .